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High performance thermoplastic polymers are making more and more inroads in the aircraft industry. Tubus Bauer is the leading manufacturer of a high performance Tubus PEI Core that meets all FST/Heat Release and mechanical requirements.

Key Features:

  • Water absorption less than 1 %
  • Can be thermally shaped
  • Densities from 48 kg/m³ to 170 kg/m³
  • Cell sizes from 4 to 6 mm
  • Multi-density cores available
  • Core sheets can be fused together
  • Out-of-Autoclave fast manufacturing process
  • Isotropic mechanical properties
Laminarized air flow for an air duct opening
Thermally formed sandwich panel made from Tubus Bauer PEI honeycomb

Examples of current applications

Inside panel of overhead luggage bin
Airplane windows
Thermoplastic Panel with Tubus Bauer PEI Core
for airplane windows

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