Energy Absorption by Design

Nature has shown us that round geometric shapes are very efficient energy absorbers.
In the automotive industry, round metal tubes
are being used for their efficiency. However, they tend to be heavy and inflexible in design.
Tubular Core displays very efficient energy absorption by turning kinetic energy into heat during the deformation process.
For this reason, one of the world’s leading automakers chose Tubus Core for its shock absorbing properties in 1994.

Since that time, Tubus Core has been used in a wide range of applications:

• Automotive
• Railway
• Body protectors
• Sportswear

The key benefits for leading companies to select Tubus Core for its energy absorbing qualities are:

• Adjustment from low impact to high impact
• Tubus Core densities from 48 kg/m³ to 200 kg/m³
• Cell sizes from 2.5 mm to 12 mm
• Multi-density cores for different impact levels in the same protector
• Can be thermally shaped even to 3-dimensional structures
• Multi-colors available for brand positioning
• Large variety of polymers
• Lower the risk of severe concussions

Polycarbonate (PC) honeycomb: left - uncompressed, right - compressed
Polyerithimide (PEl) honeycomb: left - uncompressed, right - compressed

Examples of current applications

Dorsal protection for motorcycle riders
Shoulder protection pad for use in leather jackets for motorcycle riders

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